Second Annual HHHL Members Conference - February 4 & 5, 2023 in Ocala, FL

Second Annual HHHL Members Conference - February 4 & 5, 2023 in Ocala, FL

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2023 HHHL Members Conference
"What Horses Want"

First 50 people to sign up will receive a free commemorative t-shirt at check-in! 


What makes horses happy?

It’s simple!  Horses want peace, love and harmony:

  • Peace is the release of pressure, the feeling of harmony.
  • Love means you train from the heart, you are compassionate.
  • Harmony makes training fun!

The opposite of this is stress, indifference and disharmony.  Nobody wants that, yet this is why problems exist between horses and humans.

Demonstration and Discussion.  How to read the signs and fix it.

Lead Clearly • Manage your Energy • Connect Deeply

… On the ground

No matter how good your techniques are, its your quality of leadership that makes all the difference.

The secret is…

  • A Picture (what you want)
  • A Plan (how to get it)
  • A Feeling (what you want it to feel like)

Handling horses on the ground is the perfect place to develop a positive relationship, establish your leadership and communicate clearly. 

Demonstration and Discussion:  Learn how to use the BehaviorFIX model to quickly improve communication and results.  Lead clearly, Manage your energy,

… In the Saddle

Why is it you can have great results on the ground, but once you get in the saddle it all falls apart?  Usually it is because your horse has stronger ideas and plans than you do. In addition, you are more vulnerable when on the horse’s back and when the horse feels your lack of confidence it takes over.

Learn how to change this,  When you…

  • Know where you are going
  • Know what to do

Demonstration & Discussion: Know where you are going and you will know what to do!  It’s amazing how confidence grows when you know how to be the leader.


The Secret of Harmony

So often I hear “I want to be in harmony with my horse” when in fact your horse has to be in harmony with you!

How can you lead the dance?  How can you use psychology and get to the horse’s mind.  This is the secret of harmony, where your horse puts in as much effort as you do.

Demonstration and Discussion:  I’m doing this, how about you?  The difference between mechanics and psychology. Leading the dance - on the ground and in the saddle.

Speed Control & Suppleness

Riding is not fun when the horse cannot control its speed and is stiff and bracy in its body.  Its not fun for the horse either!

Some horses are naturally good movers but when they have a rider they get emotional or confused and don’t move well. 

Demonstration and Discussion:  Learn the secrets of speed control and how to help a horse become more supple and have better posture and muscling as a result!  The transformations are amazing to watch.

Have more fun!

Find yourself doing the same old thing with your horse?  Here are some fun ideas to wrap up our two days together… inspiring you to have more fun, learn faster and make more progress!

2232 NE Jacksonville Rd, Ocala, FL 34470

Lunch both days is included in the ticket price

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