How to Create a Life Well-Lived by Andrew Wood

How to Create a Life Well-Lived by Andrew Wood

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Whatever your age, in this book I will challenge you to re-evaluate your life for the better. To ask yourself deeper more powerful questions about how you spend your time on earth. To think clearly about how you prioritize the things in life that are most important to you. To make changes and take actions that will enhance your experience, friendships and general enjoyment of life. To live with a passion, you might have forgot is even there...

Do you feel you are you getting the most from your life, maximizing every single day? Are you passionate about your daily work or activities? Do you travel frequently and see many of the places you dreamed of seeing in the world? Do you feel time is running out too quickly on your goals or bucket list? Do you feel trapped in a situation that’s holding you back? Would you like to ask better questions, take stronger actions and add more meaning, experience and color to your life

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