12’ Leadership Rope
12’ Leadership Rope
12’ Leadership Rope
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12’ Leadership Rope

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Handling • Training • Problem-Solving • Tying

I call it the Leadership Rope (Lead Rope for short!) because this is what you will use to be the leader during your every day handling, teaching new behaviors, and solving control problems.  

Connection, Relaxation, Responsiveness, Change Direction, Touch This, Back & Forth, Touring Circles, Swirls & Twirls.  

  •  12’ long with HHHL-stamped leather popper end 
  • ½” smooth yachting braid
  • Leather “popper" tail
  • Removable/replaceable swivel snap

HANDLING TIP: It is important to handle ropes sensitively because your horse feels everything and sharp, jerky, abrupt moves are disturbing. Keep your fingers soft and, when you need to hold tight, allow the rope to slide a little before you lock down.  This makes horses calmer, less resistant, less reactive. It makes your rope-handling skills smoother and gives you more feeeeeeeeeel. Think about having graceful hands that allow and shape, rather than hands that restrict. 

SAFETY TIP: Use a snap that can swivel. This prevents the rope twisting up when training and is especially important when tying and high-tying. Without a swivel snap the halter will tighten on the horse’s head if the horse walks around in circles when tied.

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