Happy Horse Equipment

Equipment does not train your horse, but the right equipment makes the training easier… Especially if your goal is better communication.
Normal halters may be fine for tying, but they muffle communication when leading and handling a horse, let alone training.
Normal lead ropes are like wet noodles - they are not built to transfer energy.
Normal lunge lines are flat, flappy and sharp on your hands.
Normal reins, especially those with stoppers and rubber, make it hard teach horses to stretch into your hand.
When communicating with your horse, you need the right equipment so your message is CLEAR and SMOOTH. Ropes need to flow and slide and transfer energy… halters need to be light and soft… long lines need to be easy to handle and maintain connection. They ALL need to help you “Feeeeeeeeeeel”, to have hands that are graceful, that allow and shape rather than block and restrict.
The more you communicate with ‘feel’ and the more subtle your communication, the softer, lighter and happier your horse will be.
Come explore my Happy Horse Equipment!
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