Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor's Tips for Better Riding: Volume 1

Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor's Tips for Better Riding: Volume 1

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Books and movies like The Black Stallion fuel our passion for riding. Like me, you probably dreamed of riding bareback… the wind in your face, your hair blowing in the wind, not a care in the world. But the reality of how most rides go is nothing like the dream, and we struggle for years, not wanting to give up on that dream and hoping things will change. 

This book is not about normal riding lessons for the beginner. Instead, you’ll find a wide range of important topics that will impact and improve every rider. A deeper understanding of how horses are affected by riders, what they need from us expands into learning skills that shape a better ride, from overcoming boredom in the arena to managing your energy and overcoming fear to cantering, jumping, trail riding and even ponying another horse. Even if you might not physically do some of them, studying all these topics will broaden your mind and make you more creative as both a rider and a leader for your horse. 

This collaboration with Happy Horse Happy Life Instructors is something I’m passionate about because we all have so much to share. On that note, we dedicate this book to the late Jackie Chant, one of my Master Instructors who influenced so many horse lovers on this journey and who I was privileged to know and mentor for over 30 years. 

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